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278 - Handcrafted Greeting Card made by Brandi Mahon

278 - Handcrafted Greeting Card made by Brandi Mahon

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This is a handcrafted greeting card created by Brandi Mahon, Creative Owner of Stamp Me Some Love.

This card is not perfect as with all handcrafted items.  

You may or may not find a small piece of adhesive inside the card.  This is due to when the cards were photographed for marketing and blog purposes a small amount of removable adhesive was placed to keep the card shut.  If you find this, you can either rub the adhesive off with your finger or place a card panel over it to hide this imperfection.

Not all cards have this issue.

We will be donating 50% of the proceeds for all of the finished cards, card fronts, and backgrounds to a local non-profit called The Nest.  The Nest’s mission is to prevent the abuse and neglect of children and adults by supporting families in crisis through education, counseling, advocacy, and resources.  You can check out more information here.